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Now you can transport your shirt in perfect condition!

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This is what your shirt needs

Unique technology and cutting edge project just for one, specific goal.

Hard case

Hard and additionally strengthened Packshi case protects your shirt against creases, even in a tight luggage.

Collar protection

Specially pressed form, which ensures extra protection and keeps perfect shape of the collar.

Folding Pad

Slick folding pad project with rounded edges and double-board construction protects all edges of your shirt.

Light construction

The case is very practical, light and handy. It will perfectly fit your hand luggage or back pack. Size 36x28x3cm (7cm in collar)

Printed instructions

The folding pad includes printed instruction, showing step by step how to fold your shirt properly.

The best price

Highest quality product and most effective solution for the best market price.

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Universal applications

Aren't you often annoyed by ordering iron in a hotel and wasting time on re-ironing your shirt? Or maybe you like riding to the office by bike, but you don't have anything to pack your fresh shirt safely? If you want to look professionally in business meetings and at the same time you appreciate comfort while traveling, Packshi is the right product for you! Now you can take out your shirt from Packshi and use it instantly without the need to iron. Save your nerves, time and live comfortably!

  • Perfect solution for business trips, formal occasions and family events, especially when you only have limited space in your hand luggage.
  • Simplifies getting to work by bike. Enjoy morning ride, stay fit and at the same time self-confident thanks to fresh, elegant shirt without a single imperfection. It's enough to put Packshi in a pannier or backpack.
  • Safe transportation in a checked-in luggage in cramped compartments of a plane, bus or train.
  • Unique and practical present for men who already have everything and are difficult to surprise.


Packshi's functional design goes hand in hand with top quality, elegant and professional look.

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